Magazine edition: 2017-2

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The 'F' Word

12 December 2017

This issue of the UNA-UK magazine looks at the idea of a feminist foreign policy, and what that means for the UN and the UK in particular.

As Natalie Samarasinghe writes in a hard hitting editorial, women are still battling for their basic rights and safety; suffering economic, political and social discrimination in the UK, at the UN and around the world. If you aren't challenging the status quo, you are part of the reason why.

Four op-eds give four different perspectives on feminist foreign policy. Margot Wallström, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sweden gives the Swedish perspective; Janice Charette, High Commissioner of Canada to the United Kingdom, the Canadian; and Joanna Roper, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Special Envoy for Gender Equality, the British. Zarina Khan, Director, Gender Action for Peace and Security then outlines her view.

We then look in depth at the United Nations, with essays from Spogmay Ahmed of the the International Center for Research on Women, Anne Marie Goetz, former Senior Advisor to UN Women; and a detailed interview with Diane Corner, who served as UN Deputy Special Representative in the Central African Republic.

Justine Masika Bihamba, Founder of Synergie des Femmes, a women’s organisation based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ends the magazine with a Last Word which is both personal and political.

And online we have exclusives from senior officials at UN Women, UNFPA, the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy and several other unique and insightful articles.