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Leave a legacy

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Leave a legacy

Make a lasting difference


We are living in troubled times.

By peddling nationalism, leaders are forgetting the lessons of two world wars.  They are driving communities apart.

We want to see a world where global citizens hold their governments to account. Where leaders work together for people everywhere, and where the UK lives up to its responsibilities on the world stage.

We need the UN for this. For all its imperfections, the UN is the best tool we have for reaching peaceful agreements between states and tackling global issues.

With your support, we will demonstrate why the UN is critical to the next chapter of humanity.  With your support, we will help students and school children to learn about international cooperation, and encourage UK citizens raise their voices as global citizens.

Would you consider leaving UNA-UK a gift?

One of the most meaningful ways people choose to support UNA-UK is by remembering us in their will.

Together, we can help fill the void of principled leadership.  This world and the people in it are worth fighting for. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Dorothea Christiana and Carl Wright

UNA-UK Elected Trustees