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Become a UNA-UK member or supporter

You can now join UNA-UK as a member for £10 per year and stand with us in support of a strong, credible and effective UN. 

Over the last 18 months, UNA-UK has been engaged in an extensive process of reviewing our engagement structures - how our members, supporters, and network of UNA Groups interact with us as an organisation and contribute to the work we do collectively. You can read an overview of the process we undertook, the changes we are implementing, and answers to FAQs on our Membership Enhancements page.

UNA-UK continues to be committed to making our movement accessible, diverse and inclusive by reducing barriers to engagement as much as possible. We want to reflect the feedback from our network about making membership more affordable and less confusing. So we have replaced the number of membership categories with one category, priced at a much lower rate to make joining us more affordable than ever before.

Whilst we reduce the fees for membership of UNA-UK we are not reducing any of the entitlements and opportunities membership provides. UNA-UK Members will continue to:

  • Receive our regular newsletters and have access to UNA-UK digital publications 
  • Have the opportunity to attend UNA-UK conferences and events   
  • Be able to stand and vote in UNA-UK Trustee elections and in the elections for UNA-UK conference committee 

UNA-UK’s members are a vital part of our peoples' movement in support of a strong, credible and effective United Nations at the centre of international affairs. We hope you will consider joining us as a member and supporting the values we advocate for at a time when they are more needed than ever. 

You can also register for free as a UNA-UK supporter:

If you would like to join our mailing list and stay informed about our work, publications, and events or to make a donation to support our work you can do so here:

Please click here to register as a UNA-UK Supporter

If you don't live in the UK you are welcome to join UNA-UK and receive our e-communications. Alternatively, you can find your country's own UN Association here.