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Security notice

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It has come to the attention of UNA-UK that scam e-mails are in circulation which attempt to defraud members of the public. Please be on your guard.

Please note, in particular, that UNA-UK:

  • Does not act as a consultant or intermediary in securing employment or service contracts with the United Nations or with multi-national corporations
  • Does not act as an arranger for payments or money transfers between individuals, the United Nations and banks or financial service companies.

In an attempt to mislead recipients into thinking that their fraudulent activities are genuine, the confidence tricksters behind these scams:

  • Make unauthorised use of UNA-UK’s postal address on their documents
  • Make unauthorised references in their documents to the names of current UNA-UK staff members
  • Use bogus e-mail addresses that appear to originate from UNA-UK
  • Use names of fictitious companies or organisations that appear similar to the name of UNA-UK and/or claim to be employees of, or consultants to, UNA-UK.

If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of any communication you receive from UNA-UK, please contact us at:

If you have been the victim of any such fraudulent activities, please contact your own local police service, as the only chance you will have of recovering any loss will be if the police are able to bring the perpetrators to justice.