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Welcome to UNA-UK

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Our Mission

UNA-UK makes the case for an effective United Nations. We are the only charity in the UK devoted to building support for the UN amongst policymakers, opinion-formers and the public.

UNA-UK appoints Marissa Conway as CEO

UNA-UK is pleased to announce that Marissa Conway has been appointed as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective from 11 April 2022.


UNA-UK campaigns on issues ranging from increased UK support to UN peacekeeping to teaching about the UN in schools, the adoption of life-saving treaties on cluster munitions and nuclear disarmament, and reform of the United Nations.


UNA-UK publications are the go-to resource for UK and global stakeholders invested and interested in the UN and international forums.

Will you stand with UNA-UK?

Overstretched and underfunded, the United Nations is close to breaking point.

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