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About us

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Join us in building a global community connected in its pursuit of equality, sustainability, and peace.

Founded in 1945, United Nations Association – UK, or UNA-UK, is a charity that builds movements, provides expert insight, and designs campaigns dedicated to promoting human rights, peace and security, and UN reform. Our work links the local, the national, and the global and centres grassroots power at the heart of all we do. 

Our mission

To build movements for systemic transformation at the UN;
To advocate for UK action for global cooperation.

Our values

Boldness. Disruptive, constructive, creative. We do what it takes to speak truth to power.
Accountability. Decisions that affect us all should not be taken behind closed doors. We practice self-reflection, expect transparency, and challenge inequality.
Intersectionality. We recognise the interconnected nature of oppression and challenge the structures that drive injustice.
Solidarity. We find power in community around the world and amplify the work of grassroots changemakers.

UNA-UK is a registered charity (No. 1146016) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 07824306). We are independent from the UN and affiliated with the World Federation of the United Nations Associations. 

Recent funders include the Global Challenges Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, and the Marmot Charitable Trust.