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UNA Groups

UNA Groups

UNA-UK’s membership is essential to the organisation’s strategy of influencing decision-makers by generating a critical mass of support at the grassroots level. Our members, supporters, branches, regions and nations continue to play a vital role in helping UNA-UK to achieve its objectives, including through:

  1. Amplifying national advocacy efforts at the local and regional levels
  2. Raising the profile of UNA-UK and the UN in their communities
  3. Helping to identify emerging issues we should be working on
  4. Supporting education initiatives, such as local Model United Nations events

As a grassroots membership organisation, UNA-UK's policy positions are informed by the opinions of its members and supporters. Click here to see UNA-UK's Membership Conduct.

UNA-UK members and supporters organise themselves at a community level into local UNA groups. 

What's on near you? Events organised by UNA Groups are taking place across the country. Click on the button below to see what's happening near you.