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How to start a UN Association at your university

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How start a UN Association at your university

Would you like to join our expanding network of over 50 university groups across the UK?

Passionate internationalists, each university group promotes and campaigns on the global issues in their own unique way but they are all linked by their focus of a strong, credible and effective United Nations. It’s a great way to add valuable volunteering experience to your CV, meet other likeminded people and get more involved in our work.

  • Check out what’s already going on at your university. If there’s a local UNA or model UN society already on campus then join them – they’re probably doing some great work already. If they are not recognised by UNA-UK then why not suggest it to their executive officers? Most student unions and guilds don’t allow multiple societies with the same aim so it’s best to investigate this first.
  • Find other interested people. A group isn’t a group if there’s just one of you, so find other people who might be interested in starting a local UNA. You might want to advertise through your international relations department.
  • Hold an informal first meeting. It’s best to get people to come along if you discuss a substantive policy issue. This could be something in the news or something a particular aspect of the UN’s work that people will find interesting. At the end of the meeting, ask attendees if they would be interested in forming a UN society.
  • Check out the UNA-UK Freshers Guide. This will help guide you and your society through UNA-UK's priority campaigns, as well as tips for organising events and how to pursue a career at the UN.
  • Get a mission and officers. Work with others to agree a mission statement and officer roles. You can have as many roles as you want but you must include: President, Secretary and Treasurer. 
  • Contact UNA-UK. Email us with details of your officer roles and your mission statement. 
  • Wait for final recognition. The UNA-UK team will submit your application to its Board of Trustees who will formally approve your application. Our Trustees meet roughly six times a year so there may be a delay in formal recognition but you can carry out your work in the meantime. We will send you a confirmation email once this has been approved.         

What's next?

1. Recruit new members at Freshers' Fair

Information about UNA-UK's Freshers’ Fair resources will be available soon - watch this space for more information. We'll provide you with the guidance and materials you need to ensure your stall stands out from the crowd, helping attract new people and grow your society.

2. Campaign with UNA-UK

We campaign on important issues that affect us all and we need you and your youth branch to help us.