You are here: UNA Harpenden: Public Meeting - The Future of the European Union

Kevin Featherstone, Professor of European Politics at LSE, spoke on the topic ‘The Future of the European Union’.  He reminded us that the future of Europe will still affect us after we leave the EU. 

The members of the EU are already discussing changes in response to a variety of pressures such as climate change, security threats, migration, the legacy of the economic crisis and the rise of 'populism'.  Within the EU there are some countries who want to do more together and some who would like to do less. There is also a rising tide of illiberalism and lack of confidence in institutions, particularly in south-east Europe. 

The EU is a major force on the world stage and contributes over half the world's total of overseas aid. It could become a more powerful international player if it can sort out its internal disagreements. 

We are grateful to Kevin for his contribution to an intelligent discussion about the future of Europe, free from the emotional rhetoric.