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The issue

UNA-UK works to reform UN peacekeeping, with a particular focus on sexual exploitation and abuse, a “people centred” approach to peacekeeping and how peacekeeping can improve its efficacy in the light of potential restructuring and budget cuts.

We also work to increase the UK’s engagement with UN peacekeeping. As part of our Global Britain scorecard, we have scored the UK “Green” for its engagement in peacekeeping. The UK contributes to UN peacekeeping politically and financially and by providing 700 troops to UN peacekeeping. This is a considerable investment in a positive global role. However, we feel the UK is missing opportunities to have a yet greater impact.

This area of work exemplifies our belief that positive action by the UK (contributing troops and resources) can lead to a stronger UN (more effective peacekeeping) and that this in turn creates a better world. 

Take action 

The UK was once the largest contributor of troops to the UN and has long recognised the value of UN Peacekeeping. We believe the UK is able to play a greater role in peacekeeping. Its military is the fifth largest in the world by spending, and it has a relative lack of other active deployments, meaning there is capacity for the UK to contribute more troops.

Yet the UK provides less than one per cent of the UN’s total uniformed personnel. The UK has also made no announcements regarding how it intends to continue contributing to UN peacekeeping after the current deployment to South Sudan ends in 2020. This represents a missed opportunity.

  • Meet your MP: Talking to your MP in person is a powerful way to show you care. Meeting face-to-face allows you to engage directly with them
  • Hold an event: Local events matter and are a powerful way to bring people together with a common concern and connect with your MP
  • Pledge your support for UNA-UK's Mission Justice campaign to stop sexual violence by UN peacekeepers

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