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The issue

Climate change affects us all. The problems associated with climate change are not confined to one country. Nor can they be tackled in isolation.

The UK has played an important historical role in supporting the Paris Climate Agreement. It has also shown leadership through its pledge to phase out coal power stations. But concerns are mounting that the UK has de-prioritised climate action through unnecessary delays in implementing domestic programmes, and for falling short of its own targets. The Climate Change Committee warned in 2016 that the UK lacks the policies to meet its carbon reduction targets.

This area of work exemplifies our belief that positive action by the UK to address and tackle climate change can lead to a stronger UN and that this in turn creates a better world. UNA-UK's work on climate change forms part of our "Keeping Britain Global" campaign calling for a  firm commitment to multilateralism to address global challenges.

Take action

  • Write to your MP: MPs depend on their constituents to inform them about what issues are most important to them. Write to your MP to convey your concern

Ask them why there is no longer a minsiter for climate change

Ask them if they think the UK is on track to meet its carbon reduction policies, and what more could be done

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