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Climate 2020: New leaders, new approaches

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UNA-UK has released a major report on implementing the new climate deal agreed by UN member states in Paris in 2015.

Climate 2020 – New leaders, new approaches is the third in our series of major reports on the Paris Agreement on climate change. It equips policy-makers, practitioners and interested observers with insights on how to make the agreement a reality.

The publication features short, incisive articles from over 30 authors drawn from the UN system and from governments, the private sector, academia and civil society. They include:

One strong theme running through the report is US President Trump’s stated intention to leave the Paris Agreement. Our contributors make the case that the Agreement is still in robust health given the proactive response by other states and stakeholders, including American businesses, mayors and communities. A related theme is the shift in global power relations, accentuated by climate change, with the centre of gravity moving eastwards and southwards globally, and downwards to non-state actors.

Together, the articles provide a source of practical actions, approaches, analysis and case studies on how the hard-won Paris deal can become the climate framework we need - namely one that is robust, equitable and able to deliver long-term benefits to all.

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