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Board and committees

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the charity. It is responsible for ensuring that the company operates properly and effectively. All members of the Board are paid-up members of UNA-UK.

The Board meets approximately four times per annum to ensure that the organisation is being effectively managed. At these meetings, the Board agrees the strategic priorities and policies of the organisation; agrees objectives, priorities and plans; monitors progress; makes decisions and ratifies decisions made elsewhere.

The Articles of Association set out the number of directors, how they are to be elected and what terms of office apply. A full list of UNA-UK's Trustees is available here.

Finance & Governance Committee 

This committee is responsible for reviewing:

  • the financial, management and investment affairs of the charity on a regular basis
  • internal financial controls and procedures
  • systems for assessment and management of risk
  • the integrity of financial statements
  • the external audit strategy

It also takes on other functions delegated to it by the Board, and makes recommendations to the Board on any action needed.

Members of the committee are:

Frances Chambers - Chair and Honorary Treasurer

Lord Wood of Anfield - Chair of UNA-UK Board

Marissa Conway - CEO

Angela Seay - UNA-UK Trustee

Buchan Scott

Chris Baker

Carol Shutkever

UNA-UK’s COO also attends all meetings.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for overseeing the organisation of the Members Conference .

Members of the committee are:

Andrew Boakes - Chairman and member of UNA-UK Board

Hana Shono - Deputy Chair

Viv Williams

Ruth Taillon

Anas Adam

UNA-UK’s Outreach & Campaigns officer attends the meetings.