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Board and committees

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of UNA-UK. It is responsible for ensuring effective and sustainable operation against UNA-UK's mission and charity best practice. All members of the Board are paid-up members of UNA-UK. 

The Board meets approximately four times per year. At these meetings, the Board agrees upon UNA-UK's strategic priorities and objectives; agrees upon UNA-UK's policies and plans in alignment with the strategy; and monitors progress against the strategy. 

The Articles of Association set out the number of directors, how they are to be elected or appointed and the terms of office. A full list of UNA-UK's Trustees is available here.

Finance & Governance Committee 

This committee is responsible for reviewing:

  • Financial management and investment affairs
  • Internal financial controls and procedures 
  • Systems for assessment and management of risk 
  • The integrity of financial statements 
  • The external audit strategy 

It also takes on other functions delegated to it by the Board and makes recommendations to the Board on any action needed. 

UNA-UK Board of Directors

Baroness Anelay of St Johns –  Chair of UNA-UK Board 

Dorothea Christiana –  Elected Trustee 

Tim Jarman – Elected Trustee 

​Oluwatobi Aigbogun 

Nimisha Agarwal

Frances Chambers

Dali Lalit Ten Hove 

Shamima Yasmine

Marissa Conway – CEO 

Angie Pankhania – Company Secretary & UNA-UK Chief Operating Officer 

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is a volunteer body of members responsible for coordinating the Annual Conference, a members and supporters-led discussion forum. It is an opportunity for members and supporters to gather each year and discuss the issues they find most pressing. The Annual Conference consists of a series of attendee-led discussions on UN-related topics submitted in advance by attendees. Topics can be any area of international concern within the UN’s remit and do not need to be one of the existing UNA-UK campaign priorities. 

Members of the committee are: 

Chair: Arash Nassouri

Vice-Chair: Hana Shono

Committee Members: Ravi Kumar, Alex Bell, Viv Williams