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UNA-UK launches new report “Renewing the UN system: Taking stock after 75 years”

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UNA-UK launches new report “Renewing the UN system: Taking stock after 75 years”

In a new report, UNA-UK advisor Fred Carver takes stock of the United Nations as it stands 75 years after its founding, and sets out recommendations for how the United Kingdom can promote renewal and reform at the Organisation.

Changing the UN is difficult, but it is vital. The need for an organisation such as the UN has never been more apparent, and reforming the organisation we have is a more effective and credible strategy than attempting to invent something new. 

In this report, Fred Carver synthesises UNA-UK’s key recommendations for doing this, whilst also drawing on expertise from our network of expert advisors. This thorough overview presents key recommendations with regards to the “three UNs”: the first, political, the second, administrative, and the third, global. The result is a comprehensive set of actionable recommendations for UK policy makers that will support the much needed renewal and reform the UN.

The main reforms the United Nations needs are not to do with the internal structure or processes of the Organisation but the tasks it is put to.  

Specifically, this report looks at ways for the UK to effectively engage with member states, UN staff and the wider system of non-state and civil society actors engaged with the UN and UN issues. A conversation on this matter is long overdue - in spite of the recently published Integrated Review of security, defence, development and foreign policy, the UK’s relationship with the United Nations has not been discussed in either full house of Parliament since a House of Lords Debate in 2015.

Download the full report here.

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