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Associate Expert Programme (AEP)

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Associate Expert Programme (AEP)

Through the Associate Expert Programme (AEP), young professionals are recruited under bilateral agreements between the United Nations and donor countries. Individuals in the AEP are supported by their respective donor countries.

The goal of the Associate Expert Programme is to provide assistance to developing countries and to offer university graduates an opportunity to get professional experience in the United Nations Capacity Development.

Find out more about the AEP here.

British nationals and the AEP

The UK is currently not acting as a donor for the AEP, meaning that British nationals are not eligible for AEP positions at this time. However, if you are also a national of another country (i.e. dual nationality) that is participating in the AEP, then you may be able to apply for the programme as a national of that country.


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However, UNA-UK does employ permanent members of staff and hosts volunteers at its London office. Find out more about employment and internship opportunities with UNA-UK here.

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Photo: 2016 National MUN Conference, Copyright UN Photo 31 March 2016.