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GENDER equality

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The issue 

Women are still battling for their basic rights and safety; suffering economic, political and social discrimination in the UK, at the UN and around the world.

UNA-UK has been campaigning for the UK to adopt a values driven foreign policy for both moral reasons and as a strategy to enable the UK to punch above its weight in global affairs. These values should be feminist. 

It is important that the notion of "feminist foreign policy" is not instumentalised or watered down, else it will cease to have any meaning. But were the UK to champion feminist values at the UN, it would provide a clear example of UK action leading to a stronger UN and creating a better world.

Take action 

  • Write to your MP: MPs depend on their constituents to inform them about what issues are most important to them. Write to your MP to convey your concern

Tell them that the UK should articulate a feminist, values driven foreign policy

Challenge them to never participate in (if male) or arrange an all male panel


  • Meet your MP: Talking to your MP in person is a powerful way to show you care. Meeting face-to-face allows you to engage directly with them
  • Hold an event: Local events matter and are a powerful way to bring people together with a common concern and connect with your MP

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