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Strategic plan 2021-2024

The past few years have been a period of unprecedented success for UNA-UK with our 1 for 7 Billion campaign to improve how the UN selects Secretary-General which led to a more transparent process for the first time in UN history and our latest campaign - Together First, a fast-growing movement of global citizens, experts, practitioners, civil society activists and business leaders from all regions of the world. The campaign calls for global governance reform.

In the UK, we campaigned successfully for: the UN to be taught in schools, the biggest increase in peacekeepers for two decades, and greater arms control.

As the 'go-to organisation' for all things UN in the UK, we regularly run high-profile events, produce expert publications, and bring together people from all walks of life – policy-makers, local communities, NGOs, businesses, journalists and young people – in support of UN goals. Our grassroots base has also increased with over 30,000 members and supporters.

The pandemic has shown that we need everyone – people, business, research, civil society, local and national governments, and global institutions – to pull together. It has also proved that huge transformations are possible if there is political will and public support, backed by evidence and finance.

UNA-UK 2021-24 Strategic Plan

The new strategic plan was approved by the UNA-UK Board in March 2021 and builds on the progress made in recent years.

You can read the new full strategic plan here.

Over the next three years, UNA-UK will play its part through three programmes:

●   The future we want – through outreach and communications, we will engage people in the UK and beyond in building a better future for all, and empower them to address the challenges we face

●   The UN we need – through research and campaigns, we will generate momentum to make our global institutions more able to achieve this vision, as well as more open, inclusive and accountable to the people they serve

●   The UK’s role – through advocacy and engagement, we will encourage our country to lead by example, making the case for global solidarity and cooperation, at home and abroad, and backing it up with concrete actions

However, while our policy and outreach is moving in the right direction, we continue to face serious challenges. At the global level, the UN is needed more than ever but is being stretched to breaking point. In the UK, the result of the EU referendum has led to grave uncertainty and revealed the extent to which the country is polarised on fundamental issues.

The UNA-UK’s Board and staff would like to thank you for supporting UNA-UK’s activities and look forward to working with you to build a stronger UN over the coming years.