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Leaving UNA-UK a gift in your will

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Leaving UNA-UK a gift in your will

There are three main types of gifts you can leave:

  • The whole, or a percentage, of your estate after your debts and other legacies have been paid (residuary legacy)
  • A fixed sum of money (pecuniary legacy)
  • A specific item of value (specific legacy)

There are two ways you can ensure that UNA-UK is remembered in your will:

  • Including UNA-UK when you make a will
  • Adding a codicil to your current will. A codicil is a testamentary document signed in the same way as a will which supplements the terms of an existing will

Writing your will
Once you’ve decided what type of gift you wish to leave, we recommend that you see a solicitor who will help you prepare a will. Most people should review their will every four or five years, as their circumstances, or those of the people included in their will, change.

What if I already have a will?

Add a codicil
A codicil is simply an addition or alteration to a will which lets you add extra gifts or alter the amounts of the ones you have already made – rather like a 'P.S.' to your will.  You can add a codicil to your will if you’re only making minor changes.

Each time you wish to make a change to your will you can simply prepare a further codicil. You may have as many codicils as you like as long as they clearly refer to your original will. You should keep them in the same place as your will. If there is a major change in your circumstances, you should make a new will.