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The Labour Party's approach to the United Nations

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UNA-UK has written to all major UK political parties, asking them for a statement on the United Nations. By shedding light on the approaches taken by different parties we hope to contribute to an informed national conversation on foreign policy, and help raise awareness of the ways in which the international system delivers benefits to British citizens.

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The Labour Party's approach to the United Nations

The next few years provide the greatest opportunities in a generation for Britain to take a leading part in advancing a progressive international agenda in key areas of international concern from climate change, environmental degradation, womens’ rights, poverty reduction, natural disasters, disease and tackling some of the worst human rights abuses.

For Britain to prosper both at home and abroad, we need to seize the opportunity to shape the international agenda and support institutions like the UN from the dangers arising from global instability.

This means taking unmistakable steps to demonstrating our commitment to the UN and invest in greater diplomacy to harness respect, cooperation and goodwill for Britons across the globe.

The life chances, security and prosperity of our citizens are interdependent on our international agenda. Achieving our goals for our own nation requires working in harmony with other nations and the UN to accomplish a peaceful, progressive international agenda, one that reduces rather than increases tensions with other countries.

Unlike the Conservatives, Labour is deeply committed to improving and enhancing Britain’s support for the UN and we will redouble our efforts to distribute the proceeds of internationalism fairly, protecting and promoting rights and taking a steer from the UN to mitigate conflict.

A Labour Government will put human rights at the heart of our foreign policy and forge meaningful solidarity with other countries to entrench peace, security and trade relations for Britain.

The next Labour Government will commit to smooth British/UN relations, supportive of the UN and cooperative with various UN organs. And as a permanent member of the UN Security Council we will provide a lead by respecting the authority of international law with the aim of establishing a new world order based on conflict resolution, social justice, mutual respect and benefit.