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Applying for UN positions

Applying for a job at the UN

The UN Careers website provides a great deal of information on the application processes for job openings at the UN – this UN Careers introduction is a great place to start. We will not attempt to reproduce this material in full, but instead will give candidates an introduction to the processes, and provide links to further information, tips and advice.

Searching for UN job openings

All advertisements for job openings at the UN are posted on the UN Careers website – scroll down and select options from the drop down menus in order to search available openings. A list of the openings which corresponds to the search terms will then be displayed.

To view details of a job opening, simply click on the job title and you’ll be taken to a job description page. This page will list the job title, the Department or Office in which it’s located, the duty station (location) and the period for which the application is open. It will also give details on the responsibilities associated with the position, the competencies - or skills - required to carry out the role, and information about the necessary educational qualifications, work experience and language skills.

Introduction to Inspira

All applications are made through Inspira, the UN’s electronic application process. UN Careers provides their own introduction to the Inspira system in their how to get started with Inspira guide. Candidates should also read Inspira at a Glance, another introductory guide.

Applying through Inspira

When a candidate feels comfortable with the basics, they should study the Manual for the Applicant.  This explains all the stages of the Inspira application process and gives more information on how applicants are assessed.

The process to apply through Inspira is fairly complex – we recommend that candidates read all available information in detail to ensure that their applications have the best possible chance of proceeding through the assessment process.


UNA-UK is not an office of the UN and receives no funding from the UN system. We are not involved with UN recruitment processes and beyond guidance we provide, we cannot help you secure a job at the UN.

However, UNA-UK does employ permanent members of staff and hosts volunteers at its London office. Find out more about employment and internship opportunities with UNA-UK here.

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