You are here: The Conservative Party's priorities for the United Nations

UNA-UK has written to all major UK political parties and asked: what would your Party’s priorities be at the UN and how will you inspire the UK electorate on this agenda?

By shedding light on the approaches taken by different parties we hope to contribute to an informed national conversation on foreign policy, and help raise awareness of the ways in which the international system delivers benefits to British citizens.

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The Conservative Party's priorities at the UN and how they will inspire the UK electorate on this agenda:

"In an uncertain world, in which the threat of terrorism, rogue states and malign non-state actors is ever present, it is vital that Britain stands up and is counted.

Getting Brexit done will allow us to do more on the international stage. We will continue to be an outward-looking country that is a champion of collective security, the rule of law, human rights, free trade, and a rules-based international system.

The UN is central to this approach.

The UN is vital to modern diplomacy and the challenges of the modern world.  These challenges do not respect national borders, so we need to have institutions such as the UN which enable us to face such challenges through international cooperation and partnership.

After Brexit, we will bolster the alliances and institutions that help project our influence and keep us safe: with the UN and the UN Security Council being essential to this aim.

The UN is the place where states strengthen alliances, build new relationships and work with nearly 200 other potential partners.  If we are to strengthen global peace and security, reduce poverty, and strengthen global resilience against crises, a reformed, successful, and politically respected UN is vital.  The UK and our friends and allies across the world will be working to achieve just that.

Under the Conservatives, the UK will continue to advance our values and defend the Rules Based International System – the vital rules of a peaceful world – and will further those within UN institutions.

Unlike those currently leading the Labour Party, we view our country as a force for good and will continue to stand tall in the world."