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Event Details

Event Date

21 August 2021 12:00pm - 5:30pm


United Nations Green
6 Storey's Gate
London SW1P 3EE
United Kingdom

We invite UNA members and friends to join us in celebrating the naming of United Nations Green in the heart of London. 1946. Yes, our city's newest landmark links not to a conflict of the past but to a future of friendship and dialogue! SeeĀ

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What's happening?

* Take you photo in front of the world's largest UN75 banner

* Write your name on the Peace Wall

* Hear how leading UK agencies are defending people worldwide

* For kids: Play the 'Nations of the World ' hopscotch game

* More for kids: Win a prize on the United Nations '75 Years Up' Treasure Hunt

* Refreshments available all day

* Keep up-to-date through the Westminster UNA website



David Wardrop