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Welcome to UNA-UK

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Our Mission

UNA-UK makes the case for an effective United Nations. We are the only charity in the UK devoted to building support for the UN amongst policymakers, opinion-formers and the public.

A view of the Place des Nations, which features fountains and the “Broken Chair” sculpture, outside the Palais des Nations, seat of the UN Office at Geneva (UNOG).

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Transparency Checklist

Is the search for the next UN High Commissioner for Human Rights a fair, open and inclusive process? 


UNA-UK campaigns on issues ranging from increased UK support to UN peacekeeping to teaching about the UN in schools, the adoption of life-saving treaties on cluster munitions and nuclear disarmament, and reform of the United Nations.


UNA-UK publications are the go-to resource for UK and global stakeholders invested and interested in the UN and international forums.

Will you stand with UNA-UK?

Overstretched and underfunded, the United Nations is close to breaking point.

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