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UNA-UK Strategic Plan 2011-15 - Striving for Change

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Striving for Change, UNA-UK’s strategic plan for 2011-15, sets out our vision of a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

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UNA-UK is the UK’s leading source of independent analysis on the United Nations and a vibrant grassroots organisation. Founded in 1945, the Association has a proud record of mobilising civil society, influencing decision-makers and educating the public in pursuit of UN ideals. We believe that the UN is an indispensable tool for the international community, and that in order for it to have an impact, it must work with those whom it serves, in the opening words of its Charter: ‘we the peoples’. We have therefore sought, over the past 65 years, to encourage efforts to make the UN more effective, and to inspire people in the UK to join our peoples’ movement for the UN.

This new strategic plan builds on that history and sets UNA-UK on a clear path to increasing its impact. At a time when the international community is facing a raft of challenges – political, economic, environmental and social – the need for the UN is ever more apparent, and UNA-UK has a vital role to play in shaping and generating support for its work.

In crafting the plan, UNA-UK has been ambitious yet mindful of the tough environment in which it will be operating during the next four years. If UNA-UK is to achieve the changes it seeks in the world, it is imperative that it too changes and develops, so that it is equipped to have the greatest possible impact.

Striving for Change was developed in consultation with UNA-UK’s membership through a series of roadshows, meetings and consultations. It sets out our collective vision – a safer, fairer and more sustainable world – and our mission, to:

  • Connect people in the UK to the work and values of the UN
  • Influence decision-makers and opinion-shapers to support UN goals
  • Stimulate debate and action on how to make the UN more effective

In order to maximise our impact, we recognise that we need to focus on those areas where we can add the most value. Accordingly, this plan outlines three programme areas for the organisation, each with three specific areas of focus:

A safer world: peace and security

  • Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation
  • UN peacekeeping, peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Emerging security issues and challenges

A fairer world: human rights and humanitarian action

  • The ‘Responsibility to Protect’
  • Effective international law
  • Human rights for all

A sustainable world: international development and the environment

  • Building food security
  • A global blueprint for a low-carbon future
  • Millennium Development Goals: 2015 and beyond

Striving for Change sets out how we intend to achieve our objectives. We will build on our strengths by concentrating our efforts on lobbying decision-makers, providing information and analysis on UN issues, and engaging and mobilising our members and the public. This document outlines the integral role of members – and branches, regions and nations – in identifying policy priorities for UNA-UK and helping to deliver the organisation’s objectives on the ground.

There is also great emphasis on attracting new members and supporters, and generating income through activities that further our objectives. If we do not expand our membership and secure funding from new sources to replace declining government support, we will not be able to create a sustainable long-term funding base. One vital step will be merging with the UNA Trust and becoming one consolidated charitable organisation – increasing our effectiveness and appeal, and safeguarding our future viability. Striving for Change outlines how, as a new charitable organisation, we will continue to campaign for peace, development and human rights, and serve as a critical friend of the United Nations.

UNA-UK is an organisation with an impressive history. Its continuing existence is testament to its ability to respond and adapt to an ever-changing world. This new strategic plan sets out an evolutionary agenda that seeks to ensure that UNA-UK not only survives these challenging times but grows stronger and more effective in helping to deliver a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.