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Safety & legal checklist (and other information)

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When planning your event, please remember the following:

In aid of

Any promotional material must say that the event is in aid of UNA-UK (United Nations Association - UK) and display our charity number: 1146016.

Venue accessibility

If you’re organising an event, make sure you have thought about suitable for disabled guests.

Insurance and licenses

UNA-UK cannot provide insurance for your fundraising activities and events. Make sure you find out if you need any special licenses e.g. if selling alcohol. If you’re holding a raffle or lottery, then remember to check the Gambling Commission website for rules and regulations.

Handling cash

Try to minimise handling cash as much where possible. Deposit cash received as soon as possible after the event into UNA-UK’s bank account. Details available on request. To protect you, cash must be collected, counted and recorded by two unrelated individuals, wherever possible. UNA-UK does not accept cash but you can transfer donations to UNA-UK by any electronic means and cheque.

First aid

If you’re running a public event then make sure you have a first aider present. 

How your donation is used

Please note that UNA-UK will use your donation to support its charitable purposes.