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Put on a fundraising dinner

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Whether you’re an individual, local UNA group, school or student, fundraising dinners are a tried and tested way to raise money. Whether you raise £50 or £250 we would be delighted to receive your donation.

1. Create a budget and set fundraising target

Decide how much you want to raise after costs have been deducted. Find out how much food, venue hire, and publicising the event will cost you.

2. Choose a venue

It could be at home, at a local place of worship, at a school or a community centre. Check to see if the venue has discounted rates and remember to check if they have a kitchen if you’re going to cook!

3. Choose your food

Are you going to cook your own food or get a caterer? Remember, the more you spend on food, the more you’ll have to charge on tickets to cover the costs.

4. Entertainment

Have you thought about wooing your guests with some entertainment? You could host a guest speaker or show a film. Remember, people love to do things for free too, so you could ask a local choir or band to come along to play.

5. Spread the word

If it’s a private event, email people you know - friends, family, and colleagues. If you want to go public, you can post flyers and posters in your local community shops and public spaces. Coffee shops, schools and churches often allow you to put flyers up. Don’t forget to share social media and remember to Tweet us @unauk.