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Organise a raffle

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A raffle is one of the easiest fundraising activities you can do. It can be added on to almost any event and is a great source of entertainment.  

1. Set your fundraising goal and plan your event

Raffle tickets are a great activity at any event. Decide how much you want to raise.

2. Decide on the price of a raffle ticket and prize

Ask your guests to bring a prize of their choice with them. This could be a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or anything else indulgent. Make sure the ticket price is high enough to reach the amount you want to raise and appealing enough for people to want to buy one or more. Remember, the more tickets you sell, the more you’ll raise. You could also come up with a small second and third prize.

3. Buy your raffle tickets

Get prepared. Make sure you have enough raffle tickets. It makes sense to get your hands on more rather than less. Here’s an example of where you can find them

4. Get creative

You can display your raffle prizes on a table to get people excited and present the amount you’ve raised on a display board at the event. Remember you’ll need to sell tickets on the night too. 

5. Announce the winners

Declaring the winner at the end of the event is great highlight. Reveal the winner and any smaller prizes to the second and third place. Use this chance to say how the money raised will support the work of UNA-UK and thank everyone who joined the raffle.