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UNA-UK's CEO on two years of conflict in Ukraine

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This week marks the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. UNA-UK strongly condemns this illegal offensive and the brutal violence that has devastated Ukraine. CEO Marissa Conway has made the following statement:

We grieve for the loss of life and urge sustained international support for the millions affected - 6.3 million who have sought refuge abroad, 3.7 million who are displaced within their own country, and the 14.6 million in dire need of humanitarian aid. The consequences of this conflict extend far beyond Ukraine’s borders, influencing regional stability and the broader contours of international relations, and will reverberate for many years to come. 

UNA-UK’s position has been steadfast since the beginning of this conflict: no country should be allowed to redraw the map of the world at gunpoint. Russia’s actions are illegal and in clear contravention of the UN Charter. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and urgently call for diplomacy, disarmament, demilitarisation, and a people-centred peace process.  

Resorting to violence and military aggression can only bring suffering and is never a justifiable solution. The UK and the wider international community must continue to extend comprehensive support to Ukraine through all available avenues including diplomatic backing, economic and humanitarian assistance, and an unwavering commitment to the principles of international law and human rights.