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UNA-UK launches latest magazine: Voices from the frontline

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Magazine cover: Voices from the frontline

The latest edition of UNA-UK’s magazine offers perspectives from those working across the globe for a safer, fairer and more sustainable world - highlighting the importance of collective action to tackle the challenges we face today.

As we face a myriad of threats to human rights, equality, peace and security, our latest magazine shares lessons learned from those on the frontlines - and actions we can all take to safeguard our future.

UNA-UK’s CEO Marissa Conway reflects on the past year and dedicates this year’s magazine to the more than 130 UNRWA staff members who have been killed in Gaza.

"There is an abundance of individuals who dedicate their energy to shaping a world characterised by compassion and justice."

In this year's feature Zaynab Ali Abdi, author and Futures & Strategics Fellow at UNDP, makes a vital call to end war and conflict - and shares her experience as a refugee, fleeing from Somalia and Yemen and living with distant relatives in Egypt.

“In a world where refugees often face isolation, discrimination, and despair, the voices of young refugees and displaced stories serve as a beacon of hope.”

Building a more equal and peaceful world means tackling the challenges and crises we face today head on. Our Ten feature highlights 10 changemakers to watch  – who are at the forefront of movements to create systemic change, ensure justice, and build a better world. 

We also share perspectives from Nathan Law Kwun-chung on how integral global solidarity is to protecting democracy; Kate Dearden on the future of labour; Aunty Sue Coleman-Haseldine on nuclear testing on indigenous land; Loretta Ross on race and reproductive rights; and Samir Ghannam on the war in Ukraine.

In The Facts, we examine representation in UN leadership, and for our interview film-maker and writer Zeinab Badawi talks to us about the importance of people-centred storytelling.

We give the last word to Dr Comfort Ero, President and CEO of the International Crisis Group, and this year’s Sir Brian Urquhart Award recipient. 

“One could look at the state of world affairs and lose confidence in the project that is the UN. I challenge you not to. Those who believe in the UN’s potential must continue to press it to rise above geopolitical divides.”

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Photo: Magazine Cover: Voices from the Frontline