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Open letter to UN Member States: appoint a woman Secretary-General

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Silk Portraits of the Secretary-Generals

UNA-UK joins more than 50 organisations across the globe calling for UN member states to address the historic gender imbalance at the UN.

That the next Secretary-General of the United Nations should be a woman is indisputable - after almost 80 years of an unbroken succession of men occupying the UN’s top job, it’s long overdue.

Read the open letter, coordinated by the 1 for 8 Billion campaign, calling for all UN member states to only consider nominating women candidates for the next Secretary-General selection process:

Dear Excellency,

The appointment of a woman Secretary-General is long overdue.

Gender equality is a core guiding principle of the United Nations. It is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, fair and sustainable world. However, the Organization cannot claim to be a champion of women’s empowerment when half of the world continues to be excluded from its highest office.

We are calling on you to take matters into your own hands: help address the historic imbalance by announcing that your country will only consider nominating women candidates for the next Secretary-General selection process while encouraging all states to do the same. 

Women need the UN, but the UN also needs women. Evidence clearly shows the contribution women bring across all areas of the UN’s work. Progress in breaking the glass ceiling has not been impeded by a shortage of qualified women, but a shortage of opportunity and the limited imagination of decision makers operating in an environment of systemic discrimination.

Despite recent improvements, the sphere of international relations remains woefully monopolised by men: 13 multilateral organizations (including the four largest development banks) have never been led by a woman, 78 years without a woman leading the UN, and just 24% of UN Permanent Representatives are women, as highlighted by GWL Voices.  

We ask states to keep this disturbing reality in mind as they consider their nominations for the next UN chief. We ask states to consider the urgent need to restore credibility and faith in the UN’s highest office. We ask states to appoint a woman Secretary-General.

The time is now. 

Yours faithfully,

1 for 8 Billion

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Photo: A series of silk portraits of past UN Secretary-Generals. For almost 80 years there has been an unbroken succession of men occupying the UN’s top job. Photo source.