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The beginning of the end?

The beginning of the end?

Can we rid the world of nuclear weapons? Yes, according to the American foreign policy heavyweights who form the so-called Hoover Group. Including the likes of Henry Kissinger, the group has proposed concrete steps for revitalising multilateral nuclear disarmament. In this issue’s Essay, Shirley Williams calls on political leaders to give the Hoover Group their full support, arguing that ‘the potential benefit to humanity…is without comparison’.

High food prices, which are threatening to push up the number of hungry people worldwide, have featured prominently in recent headlines. In Dispatches Jacques Diouf, the head of the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization, explains the origins of the crisis and says how the international community should respond.

Over a million children are victims of trafficking each year.  One way you can support action to protect them is to ask your MP to sign EDM 172 on child victims of trafficking.

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