Magazine edition: 3-2013

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Future challenges: is the UN equipped to meet them?

The Autumn 2013 issue of New World, released to coincide with UN Day 2013, seeks to scope out the future trends and challenges set to feature on the UN’s agenda in the coming years, and role the Organization may play in shaping them.

Our main essay by Jeffrey Laurenti looks at the UN's history, focussing on the seminal moments where the UN has acted as a pivotal forum for change.

Jim Norton explores the important emerging issue of cyber security, and whether there is a need for greater UN involvement in this field, whilst Chris Roles discusses the campaign for the rights of olders persons , and asks if this should be the next UN human rights convention.

Joanna Wheeler explains why the voices of the world's poorest must be listened to in deciding the post-2015 development agenda. This is supplemented by the briefing, The road to 2015, which maps out the next two years of this UN-led process.

As always, UNA-UK news and views is also covered. UNA-UK member, Michael Harwood, considers the future of UN peacekeeping and New World's editor interviews Young Professional Camilla Born.

A host of web exclusives are also featured, including Yohei Sasakawa on tackling the stigma of leprosy

This Autumn 2013 issue is part of a double issue of New World. The accompanying Special Issue Winter 2013 seeks to provide fresh perspectives on some of the global challenges which have long occupied the international community.

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