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Hold a UN quiz night

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Here’s how you can organise a UN quiz at your local pub, university or community centre:

1. Choose a venue and a date

Rent a room at your university or local community centre, church hall or a few tables at your local pub.

2. Decide on a prize for the winning team

This could be either a bottle of wine, a gift card or something else of your choice.

3. Decide on an entrance fee

We advise charging a fee of at least £5 entry to cover any costs for the prize. And most importantly, you want to raise money, so make sure you focus on the fundraising.

4. Spread the word

Publicise the time and location using leaflets, in your local newspaper or for free on social media. You can post flyers and posters in your local community shops and public spaces. Coffee shops, schools and churches often allow you to put flyers up.

5. Print out the materials (on the day)

Make sure you’ve got all the materials to hand and remember to keep the answer sheet close by. No cheating allowed!

6. Quiz time!

Remember to choose a quiz master and read out questions in batches of 4. Take photos and announce the winners on Twitter. Remember to mention @unauk and we’ll retweet you!

Download the full quiz