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UN staff categories - Field Service

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UN staff categories - Field Service

United Nations field operations rely on civilian staff to work in the fields of political affairs, legal affairs, human rights, election monitoring, humanitarian assistance, public information, general administration, procurement, logistics, civil engineering and electronic data. 

To obtain a post in the Field Service category, you must have a proven track record in one of those fields; an advanced university degree; at least four years’ professional experience; and fluency in English and/or French.  Fluency in one of the other six official UN languages, as well as professional experience in developing countries, is also an advantage.

Applicants must be in excellent health and prepared to work in difficult and dangerous conditions.  They must also be available at short notice. Most missions are classified as ‘non-family’ duty stations and the compensation package includes a salary and subsistence allowance.

For further information on the Field Service category and to find vacancies, visit the UN Careers website

Photo: Field in Haiti irrigated with contaminated river water, copyright UN Photo 26 October 2010.