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UNA-UK Streatham & Clapham: UN70 Service at Temple Church

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UNA-UK Streatham & Clapham held celebrations marking seventy years of the United Nations at Temple Church on Saturday 24th.    We were welcomed to the Temple Church by the larger than life, Revd. Dr Robin Griffith-Jones, who looked very theatrical in his red robes. Temple Church is very popular with tourists,  and beore we began the service, there were many people visiting the Temple Church Inns. Revd. Jones kindly encouraged a family to have a look inside the church prior to his address, and suggested they stay to enjoy the service.   During Revd. Jones' address, we learnt of the Church's important contrinution in the establishment of the Magna Carta. Before King John rode to Runnymede to sign the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215, he was prevented from leaving Temple Church by local Barons, who wanted to ensure that King John honoured his promise to the Church,  and guarantee certain minimum freedoms for his citizens.  Revd. Jones spoke of how legal rights based on Magna Carta provide a crucial foundation for the Universal Convention of Human Rights signed in 1948 at Palais de Chaillot.   The Region Chair, Catherine Pluygers followed the address with a beautiful Oboe recital, including the first rendition of a melody linking Palestinian and Israeli musical themes.   Prayers were read by Carol Gould, Jewish Broadcaster and Author; Zehra Balman of the Bahai community and Imran Ahmed Kalid of Muslim Ahmadiyya community.