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UNA Scotland

UNA Scotland currently has 8 branches, most of which are also under the wing of UNA-UK. 

Apart from the individual work of the branches, one of the biggest contributors to their goals is that of United Nations House Scotland (UNHS). 

UNHS is part of the UNAS, the civil society organisation committed to strengthening the implementation of the UN goals and values at grassroots levels.  Through programme action and active teamwork on projects, UNHS promotes, supports, bridges and encourages innovative citizen engagement with the mission, vision, values and Goals of the UN.

Projects at UNHS include – but are not limited to – a climate and gender team, Human Rights Roundtables, podcasts, nuclear disarmament events and reports, Model UN and engagement with Cross Party Groups at Scottish Parliament. 

Given that members of UNHS are also members of UNAS, there is a lot of overlap with projects. One example of this is the Beyond COP team, which organises events to reflect on the annual COPs on climate, starting with COP26 was held in Glasgow in 2021. These events were held in partnership with UNA-USA. 

UNAS emphasises collaboration, communication and cooperation as an effective method to work towards their goals and attributes many of their accomplishments to their strong partnerships across Scotland and the wider UK.

To gain a better overview of the projects at UNHS, please visit their website:

A separate website for UNA Scotland is currently being created.

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    Branch contact Dr Gari Donn
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