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UNA Highgate & Muswell Hill

Highgate joined UNA in 1946 with a membership of 900. Mr. Lesley Aldous was the chairman. Irene Norton became a committee member in 1962 and became Chairman in 1977 when Mr. Lesley Aldous retired. 

In the 80s, through Save the children Fund, the branch sponsored two children. A girl afflicted by polio and a boy from India - both 13. Their school fees were paid up to the age of 18. News, photographs and Christmas cards were received in reply to letters from members. The young man became an engineer.

1988 signaled the final meeting of the Muswell Hill UNA. About 30 members joined Highgate UNA now named Highgate and Muswell Hill.

Our main activities are social; we have been fortunate to have members living in pleasant surroundings, many of our luncheons were at the beautiful grounds of the Honorable Judith Littelton. Garden parties and coffee mornings were well attended. The committee invites UNA executives every year to keep our members informed and involved in policy and campaigns. We sponsor worthy causes such as Tree Planting in Uganda and the International Agency (before they moved out of London).

Unicef, the agency supporting the children’s well being, is the branch chosen for our Street activity thanks to our loyal members who respond to our call.

70 years on our branch remains committed to the universal values of the United Nations and its Charter.      


In many areas UNA-UK members can join a local UNA.

These volunteer-run groups support our work by organising a diverse range of grass-roots activities. Ranging from speaker and fundraising events to film screenings and coffee mornings, these activities raise awareness and interest in the work of the United Nations at a local level across the country.

Local UNAs have traditionally organised themselves by nation: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England, with England being divided into regions (London & South-East, Southern Counties, Eastern, Central and North-East).